Migration from Ghost Pro to Write.as

I sent an email to hello at write.as, but realise I should have posted here instead.

I want to tentatively enquire about the process of migrating my Ghost blog to Write.as, especially before my next annual Ghost Pro subscription is due. If I’m honest with myself, the Ghost Pro subscription is best suited to large publications, but it got me started.

I have a Write.as Pro account and currently host a blog here for the #100Daystooffload challenge.

Is there an effective way to do this via the json file Ghost exports with or is it a case of copying one post at a time? (acknowledging I will need to re-insert images and formatting to suit a new theme).

I have read some entries here at discuss.write.as involving scripts and python, but that’s way beyond my level of comprehension. :blush:

Grateful for advice.

Hi @AlanGM, happy to answer this here. (Sorry for the delayed response – just now getting to everything from over the holidays!)

While we plan to build a way for everyone to import posts from platforms like Ghost in the future, at the moment, there are a couple alternative options for doing this:

  • Copy and paste all content. This would mean converting Ghost posts to Markdown, publishing the posts individually, and then updating metadata (slug, publish date, etc.) on Write.as to match your old site.

  • Run community-built migration scripts. This is far less time consuming and less error-prone, but as you mention, would require some technical work on your side.

  • Have us migrate your blog. We can take care of the full migration for you, automatically converting the JSON data from Ghost into posts on Write.as, uploading images to Snap.as, and updating image URLs accordingly in your posts. This would involve the lowest amount of effort on your part, but would simply cost a one-time fee for the service (we’re happy to work within your budget on the cost).

Let me know if you’d like to go the route of us migrating your posts (you can DM @old-support or email us), and we can discuss what’s next. Otherwise, maybe others can help out with a more friendly way to get your posts moved over!