Migrating my email list to W.a

Hey everyone, I’m pondering moving my email list over to Write.As once and for all. I have ~2,000 subscribers.

I wanted to ask if anyone has done this, and how it’s been? Has deliverability been smooth?

Looking at other forum entries, it looks like @gebloom and @justinf have done this previously… so I’d welcome your thoughts, and anyone else’s.

(@matt, I know I talked about this a while back… Would I need to send you the email list to import if I decided to go ahead?)

Process was simple. Matt took care of the import.

As far as deliverability, I have no idea. Those aren’t stats that are available.

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I like the idea of those stats not being visible… haha. I suppose I just wanted re-assurance that new posts would land in inboxes vs spam etc, but I suppose there’s no reason why that should happen any more/less than normal.

Sorry, can’t help you. No reflection on Write.as, but because of experiences on other platforms, I decided that I will use only direct control of my subscriptions.

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