Micropayments - Automatic by Default?

I just want to clarify one thing about Web Monetization: If I were to activate this on my blog, would readers with a Coil account automatically pay for reading any of my posts? (I don’t want that to happen …) Or could I have micropayments limited to posts I set up as Paid Content?

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My understanding is readers pay only when visiting the posts that contain the <!--paid--> shortcode to turn on micropayments via Coil.

Hi Paolo. Thanks for replying. That would certainly be the ideal set-up. I’m sure there was something about Coil users automatically paying if they started to read a micropayments-enabled blog. Do you think the <!--paid--> shortcode has completely replaced that approach?

I’m unfortunately not familiar enough with how Write.as works with Coil.

Thanks anyway, Paolo. I appreciate your help :slight_smile:

The way it works is that once you’ve added a payment pointer, Coil subscribers will automatically stream payments to you (mentioned in this blog post). The <!--paid--> tag is only for putting content behind a paywall, if that’s what you want to do for a post – but it’s totally optional.

Is there a particular reason you don’t want Coil users to automatically pay when they read your blog?

Hi Matt. Thanks for the clarification.

What I’m struggling to understand is the effect of the <!--paid--> tag on a blog’s general web monetisation. Does the <!--paid--> tag limit any payment by Coil users to whatever follows that tag, or do Coil users pay for all content on the blog as well as being able read whatever’s behind the paywall?

It’s the latter… Enabling monetization on your blog enables it for your whole blog and all posts. But the paid tag only affects monetization on a per-post basis – specifically, it puts content behind a paywall that people can only view with a Coil subscription.

Ah. Thanks, Matt. Now I understand :slight_smile:

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