Matt not providing support to paid account?

@matt, are you still providing email support for paid accounts? 40 days and no email response.
Please deactivate federation.

Hey, sorry for the delay. Unfortunately as long as a blog is “Public,” federation will always be enabled. Were there particular concerns you had about your blog being in the fediverse?

Despite repeated following, unfollowing, resetting, asking help, … trying repeatedly over 3-4 months now, posts never appear while the count is changing. If it is always on, then how do you get it to populate?

To me, it doesn’t make sense to have a without any visible posts and inability to administrate it, but instead needing another profile on with manually added and backdated posts.
Bad marketing if someone tries to follow your domain and there is nothing but a post count number and no posts or interaction.
Bad marketing if there is no interaction on but manual posting and interaction elsewhere.
And I am not willing to manually post and backdate 150 posts on another profile …

So I much rather have fediverse, and only fediverse, off.