MathJax not rendered

I published a test post containing also the MathJax code $y = f(x)$. However, the code is rendered as ordinary text and not as an inline math expression as expected. My blog uses the default theme.

Why isn’t the expression rendered? Am I using invalid syntax?

Hi @PaoloAmoroso! Have you enabled MathJax in your blog’s settings? From your “Blogs” page choose “Customize” under the blog in question, then scroll down to the Text Rendering section:

Thanks, yes, MathJax rendering is enabled in my blog’s settings.

Oh, I think I see the issue — it looks like requires the default “$$...$$” delimiters for MathJax, i.e., double $$ characters instead of a single $ character. Try:

$$y = f(x)$$

It works but produces a displayed expression instead of an inline one, as I thought it would by enclosing the code within single $.

For inline MathJax/LaTeX, does not work with $, you need to use \\( and \\) instead of $1

See toward the bottom of this page where inline MathJax is written using \\( and \\)

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