Mastodon replies for blog comments (instead of

I came across this thread about making Mastodon replies appear as comments on a blog. Some kind of implementation with this could be pretty slick for blogs. I’d for sure use it.

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Tapping @matt on the shoulder :slight_smile:

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I’ve started getting replies to my projects through the fediverse lately. Sure be nice if they were collected somehow.

Know @matt is pretty busy between keeping alive though the onslaught of Twitter refugees, so I imagine it’ll be a while.

I replied to JeffTK’s post and followed him, plus pinged Matt. Fingers crossed.

How? Where do the replies show up?

I’m on mastodon from another account, and followed my identity. I now boost anything I have posted on and people are replying to both me and the identity, but I’m seeing the comments, at least.

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Ping! Still interested in this.

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Dan Lyke has been looking into getting comments from the fediverse to his blog, located at He is Dan Lyke ( - ResearchBuzz-On-the-Mammut and sometimes toots about findings.

Yes, I do vote for this feature request! I would like to see a total federation with my to a Mastodon-account, see the articles and comments on both sides automaticly. Maybe this might be done using standard-protocols like activitypub and webmention, but this is more a question for the experts :wink: Thanks a lot!

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this is a good idea and i have no idea how to do it,
but would gander that writefreely would have enable a plugin, thusly accomplishing the following:
-collect activity pub mentions of the blog instance name,
-enable the following sort of toggle in admin console or on a blog config page:

  • ~ such that: “attach mentions to post expanded,” or "attach mentions to post as external link rss activity pub link for replies:to:bloguser@writefreelyinstance.tld
    OR ?

–append replies to bloguser@writefreelyinstance.tld INLINE to bottom of post, when post is opened as a static document, vs read inline in the post. —if this, then: link to click “Replies” visible as a one line thing, if any replies, while scrolling through a blog timeline, ie page by page.

As I think about this more, I wonder if it might be possible for the instance (which sees the comments) could forward (or quote-toot?) them to another account, such as one mentioned in a rel=me link on the pages.

I think that would be relatively easy to do, and it would eliminate two mastodon / fediverse integration points with a single stone, at least for users.


That would be great.

Hi everyone, sorry I never replied to this. This is absolutely the next thing I want to add to! The idea is to show replies you receive from the fediverse on your post page, so people can naturally reply like they do to any other posts in the fediverse.

As with any feature where we display content from outside our platform / instance, there are some hurdles to get over, particularly with moderation. We’ll need a way to block bad instances, remove spam, and block individual bad actors. But beyond that, getting comments to show up on will actually be pretty straightforward.


Curious to know why you prefer the comments on as opposed to directly on the blog post? I like the idea of them being right there with the content instead of burying the comments behind another “click”.

Is it a security thing?

It’s more of a design and architecture thing. The idea behind is to have a separate “social” space built on top of everyone’s blogs. So if you want to hang out with everyone on the network (and the wider web), that’s where you go.

But I know having comments on the blog itself will be important too, so that’ll happen after. At that point, will just serve as the backend for it all (just like is the backend for uploads from the Rich Text Editor). That’s the reason I’m building in this order, starting with separate tools then integrating them.


Got it, thanks for explaining.

Hope to see the 1st phase come to fruition soon!

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Dear @matt

will this also be available for selfhosted WriteFreely instances?

Thank you!