Markdown images not loading

New posts do not convert markdown image code from


When alttext is blank, nothing loads
When alttext is not blank, only the text is loaded

Are affected only new posts. Old posts are not affected.

EDIT: needed to reload page 6 times before it finally loaded the picture.

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Can you share the exact Markdown you’re using and / or the post where it’s happening, so I can try to replicate this?

I had the same bug last night but cannot replicate it this morning.

There is something which, when you post and have the correct markdown code on a separate line with an empty line above and below, makes for the image to not show immediately. It takes some time. Reloading a few times before the image and not the image text gets loaded.

This time is different for each post.

Is it possible that the backend rendering takes some minutes before picking up there is an image code included?

![image text]( URL)