Markdown highlight == not recognised?

Text between == and == should be highlighted according to markdown.
For me it does not on my blog. Anyone else experiencing the same?

“Markdown” is more than one thing - and the hightlighting isn’t very common.

Not saying it wouldn’t be nice - but it’s far from standard.

Thanks for pointing that out! Maybe something could integrate in the future?

Yeah, perhaps. However, the editor has HTML support (which contrbutes to why I think they want to keep the Markdown itself simple), and that made me think:

Could what you want be solved with that? And it can!

Here’s what I wrote:

Could we highlight text by using HTML?

Yes, <mark>I think we could to that</mark> - but without changing the CSS, it's yellow by default.

However, we can <mark style="background: #00ced1!important">change the color</mark> with some inline CSS.

And here’s what that looks like on

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