Lost Writing

I was using write as, as an anonymous user. I posted a blog of about 1500 words publically entitled Friday, April 7th, 2023. I came back to post a second blog, which I worked on for a couple of days. When I posted that, I went back to the things I had posted, and my original post was missing. I have looked everywhere for and do not know where it went. I did not make an account, but I did post it anonymously and publically, so I am positive that it has to be somewhere out there. If anyone could help me get in contact with someone who can either help me get it back or find it for me that would be great.
What I wrote means a lot to me and I would hate to lose it.

Are you looking for it on the same device and browser / app that you published it with? As long as you’re doing that and you didn’t delete it, it should be there. But all anonymous posts are tied to the exact browser and app you post with.