Lost content

Hi I was writing with my phone and I accidentally closed the browser. When I went back, my writings were gone. Is there any way to get it recovered?

Update: Now when I logged in, it shows an old writing which I have published already… not the one I was writing now

Hi, are you using incognito mode or “private” mode in your browser? Your draft should automatically save, as long as you’re not using this mode.

As for the old writing, do you see this on the “editor” screen where you write, or do you mean your old published posts?

I did check and make sure I was not using the incognito mode.

What happened was: I was writing it with my browser and then I went to other apps. Then I just “close all” running apps (just a habit of mine…)… And when I opened my browser again, my writing was gone. And after I tried to log out and log in several times, somehow that old writing showed up…

For the old writing, it was on the editor screen. And it was not the final version which I already posted in June… It was an earlier draft (I’m guessing it’s probably the last draft that I edited with this device. I did finish up and publish this old post with another device.) Just now, I wanted to get rid of it so I published it anonymously. But when went to the New post… it showed up again… so I published it anonymously again. And then I deleted the two anonymous posts. Now when I go to New post, nothing is there. It’s blank.

Ok gotcha, thanks for explaining everything! This is definitely strange, as your draft should’ve saved while you were typing (so closing the app shouldn’t have affected it) – but it sounds like any draft got erased, and unfortunately there’s no way to recover that :slightly_frowning_face:

One other possibility: did you have multiple tabs open to the Write.as editor before you closed the app?