Long alt-text on an image is dropped

On the page at 2020 Surprise Swap Rabbet Plane and Spokeshave — davepolaschek I have two images of hand-written notes. In the source for the page, I included the full text of the notes as alt-text for the images (because that’s the right thing to do, I think). But they’re both fairly long, and when I view the source of the generated page, there is no alt-text on the images at all.

The alt-text on the first image is:

pages 1 and 2 of the handwritten note, text reads: “Brian, Happy swap! Enclosed find a rabbet plane made from ipe (sole), poplar (core), cherry (sides) and an alder wedge. I gave it a 45° bedding angle with a 30° skew. It should work reasonably well in most woods. The blade is O-1 steel. I got help from Dave Kelley on the heat treating. I’ve sharpened the blade, and it should be ready to go unless the post damaged it. Also included is a spokeshave with a Hock Tools O-1 blade. It is also made from ipe. You may want to touch up the blade, but it should also be ready to go. If you want a wider mouth, put a washer under each end of the blade. Hope you enjoy them. Finish on both is linseed oil, followed by wax. A little wax on the sole if they drag should make them good as new again.”

Not a huge deal, but it would be nice to get this fixed eventually.

From what I’ve seen, I think it might’ve actually been the different punctuation in this that caused it to be dropped. If I remember correctly, quotation marks and/or parentheses might cause the software to drop the alt text altogether – if you want to give it a try without those, for now.

Otherwise agreed, this should be fixed. I’ll change this to the #feedback:bugs category, so it’s on the list of issues to fix.

Thanks, Matt! I’ll try removing the quotation marks and see.


Removed both the double and single quotes, and the alt-text isn’t there in the source.

Also removed the parens, and the alt-text remains missing. If there’s something else I should try, just let me know. Thanks!