Log in won’t recognize passwords

I have a pro account. My password isn’t recognized, and I don’t have an email associated with it.

In order to get help, I just signed up for a trial account. I tried logging in with that, but it won’t recognize my email and/or password there, either, though I can get a log in link via email.

I paid $54 for an annual pro account, but right now it is useless because I can’t access it.

Hi please message me your username and last 4 digits on your card so I can verify the account is yours, and I’ll reset your password for you. It’s the weekend, so I’ll get to that as soon as I possibly can.

Thanks, I’ve deleted that message so it’s not public, but will respond privately soon.

Thanks. I didn’t realize I was replying in the forum.

I haven’t gotten help with my paid pro account yet.

And each time I use my trial pro account, that password isn’t recognized either. But I am using an email address for that account and when I am sent an email log in link, I can sign in.

My concern, in addition to not being able to log in to either account, is that I have paid $54 for an account I can’t use. I either need to fix the problem, get a refund, or do a charge back. But I’d prefer an accessible account.

I just sent you an email about your Pro account.

What error message are you seeing when trying to log in with your trial account? Have you tried resetting your password?

Incorrect username, email or password

Sorry what’s the exact message? Could you send a screenshot? I don’t believe the website will ever give that particular error message.