Load font without delay


In 6 out of 10 visits the blog has rendered and after a second or two delay, the fonts are loaded. It always feels like they “pop in” and it looks weird, as the sizing slightly changes. It is purely cosmetic. and probably not very high on the list of changes, but my “OCD” kicks in every time I see it :grin:.


Granted I don’t know for sure how the site implements this, but it’s unlikely to be something that’s totally avoidable. The delay comes from the font having to download, which of course takes time. The only way to avoid it would be to just use default fonts (i.e. tell everyone’s browser to use the “serif” default), but that kills a lot of the aesthetic.

It should only happen the first time you go to a given page, though, as once the font is downloaded I don’t think your browser re-downloads it every time (but here too I could be wrong).


I am not sure either how the site does the font loading. But there is definitely a way to do it before you display the site. There need to be some kind of event handler implemented, as far as i understand it. I used a lot of themes and templates for websites, blogs and CMS where this does not happen.