Links to different page parts


Does anybody know if it’s possible (and if so, how) to link different parts of the same page (at different scrolls).


Hi @GDB! This is possible with good ol’ HTML. If you want to use sub-headers for example, you can use the id attribute. Here’s an example post where I link to a second header section in the post:

To accomplish this, I simply wrote out the subheader with HTML and put in the ID — something short that makes sense.

<h2 id="second">Second Header</h2>

Then all you have to do is link to it by taking your post’s link and adding a hash with the id’s name. So in the above’s case, #second. This creates the general link:

Doing this with Markdown is extended syntax that we’d definitely look into if there was demand.

Hope that makes sense and helps! Would be glad to clarify further if need be.

Count me in as someone who would want to do this via Markdown. I have also done it using html and ids, but it would be great to be able to handle it with Markdown.


This is Gdb, thanks for your response.

What if I was looking for a solution that did not involve a header?


So what did you have in mind @GDB? All you need to do is add the id to whatever HTML element in your post you had in mind to link to & use the hash in the url as referenced above.

I think I understand the concept.

Thank you!

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