Links in Epub

Are internal anchor links meant to work in (the current state of) blog epub export?

Just for fun (and because it seemed a plausible use for the feature) I downloaded a family recipe blog/book as an epub. I was slightly surprised that the TOC page (created with the blog) didn’t seem functional within the ebook, as compared to a random Gutenberg epub I tried. Using Apple Books on desktop/IOS.

Are they links internal to particular parts of a post? Or to other posts in the blog / epub?

I’m not sure how internal (post) links would work – I’d need to see a blog that had these. But I’d imagine links to other posts in the blog would probably have some trouble, as they’re on one path online, but instead different HTML files in the epub.

Blog here: Recipes — Each post is a “chapter” and the TOC is a pinned post with links to each subhead within all the other posts.

If the linking is not possible perhaps there is a method or CSS class I can create to omit certain bits from the epub? I put a chapter-level-TOC at the end of each post but those make no sense (in book format) if they don’t go anywhere … the main TOC post covers all the content so that’s useful even if not linked.