Linked Image not rendering

I have 2 images that I linked to in my post and they are both not showing. The strange thing is that they rendered during the draft mode. But once I published to my blog is shows a broken link:

I tried both HTML

<img src="">

and Markdown syntax


I was able to find a workaround for this for now, which is to enabled my account, and use the URL instead. This worked. But still a head scratcher why an externally hosted image would not render.

Hey @digorsink! This particular image isn’t working because it’s on an insecure URL (it starts with http:// instead of https://). This might work on other sites, but we have some stricter rules in place to prevent insecure images from showing up.

To fix this, you could swap in the secure image URL, or yes, use something like, since it’ll always give you a secure URL.

Thanks @matt. I Appreciate you taking the time to respond. I was actually having an after thought whether the http vs. https could be a factor, because that is one difference I spotted, but didn’t even think to test that because it seemed silly at the time. But I’m glad you confirmed this. For now I’ll use the snap URL and then probably enabled SSL on my external hosting soon.