Language metadata gets reset to English after (re)publishing a post

Normally, after setting a language for a post, it should stick and should not change unless the author modifies it again. However if you edit the post and (re)publish it again it causes the language field to reset back to English.

Thanks for catching this @agyild! I was able to replicate this bug as well. We’ll look into it for sure. I just posted an issue on Github so you can follow it & contribute if you’d like:

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Unfortunately this bug still persists since no one has fixed it yet. If the solution is so simple it might be better if existing developers fixed the issue instead of waiting for a new contributor to fix it.

The metadata is actually looking for your browser language. So the easy fix is to set your browser language to your preferred language :+1:

Thanks for the suggestion but it’s more of a workaround instead of a proper fix for a design flaw. What about multilingual authors who use multiple languages in their blog? Save button should just save the content and should not override the metadata.

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yeap guys this is indeed a serious matter for anyone who uses more than one languages. Please have a look into it!

Additionally, how would I be able to change the metadata language of the home page? (novel style). I can to it on every new post from the settings but can’t do the same with home page. changing browser language won’t do the trick.


I just made a PR to fix this issue. Once it gets reviewed, approved, & integrated into we’ll let you know!

That WriteFreely pull request has been merged, and this is now fixed on!