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Naveen, thanks for mentioning Dynalist, which now has me thinking about mind-mapping. I wonder if there are any combination notes / mind-mapping apps.

Automattic is behind Simplenote…

As for SN, I don’t know.

Here’s what I found for SN:

What is Automattic?

The company behind Wordpress. As I’ve been a heavy user for years and was worrying about long term sustainability, I sent them an email.

They answered without answering.

Standard Notes is a small company. They have a Slack channel where you can also speak directly to the founders. They are self-funded, as far as I know.

They had a low-priced five year pricing plan which was their way of raising money for sustainability.

Well, it IS low price if you take a 5 years plan, but I’m not sure I’ll still want to use it in 5 years. Time flies fast, especially in tech.

I’m happy with Simplenote and find SN a bit too complex ; as someone says it’s not really a notes app but more like a note OS…

Markor, Joplin and IA Writer are great, but none of them included all of the features of Simplenote.

@matt @cjeller1592

Is there an estimation regarding the release of

Note: as a heavy note taker, I’d gladly beta test the app.

Hi @matt is a really cool product, but here … I don’t understand, why remade the wheel one more time ? Why not a cooperation with other great open source tools : jopplin, standard notes, Zettlr , etc …

Actually, i’m an heavy user of SN for notes because :

  • long term support (+5 years)
  • simplicity as goal
  • searching into notes at speed of light
  • heavilly encrypted from scratch + passcode protected notes + 2FA
  • open source with docs
  • made with lot of love, dev (@mobitar) on slack are really kind/human with community on slack
  • publishing platform with encrypted file attachment :

but it lacks :

@sfss, thanks for info on Wordpress behind Simplenote. But Wordpress isn’t known for its privacy / security, as far as I’ve seen.

Well, here’s an excerpt from their FAQ:

Are my notes encrypted in storage?

In terms of security, Simplenote works a lot like other popular online services such as Gmail and Facebook. Your personal information is protected by a strict Privacy Policy. But due to the need for searching your notes from the web, the contents must remain unencrypted while in storage so the software can find your search terms. For this reason we recommend not using Simplenote to store anything particularly sensitive.

Unlike a lot of other services, however, by default your notes in Simplenote are always encrypted when they’re in transit across a network. This is important. It’s when your personal information is most vulnerable. We believe that all modern services should provide this level of protection by default.

Thanks for the feedback @reyman!

Is there anywhere you see cooperating with these open source note-taking apps you mentioned?

We’ve really only talked before about being able to publish to from these note-taking apps, but I was curious if you had anything else in mind. We could make it easier to publish your notes to from our CLI client!

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Doesn’t Standard Notes have full-text search even though encrypted?

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Yes, I’m pretty sure it does, @nibl.