Javascript - stack it?

I see many cool tweaks for I haven’t implemented any. But I am wondering. Can we just stack all these different JS tweaks in the custom javascript window? Or do they need to be separated somehow? Can I use commenting to separate them and label so I know what they do?


Hi @beardedpen! You are correct, you can just stack your JS in the window. Commenting also works too, so feel free to space them out and label what each does (that’s what I do at least). Hope that helps!

Out of curiosity, what JS tweaks did you have in mind?

Not sure, I saw one for twitter tags, Maybe the tag menu also…not sure. But it’s good to know what options I have. .

Totally understand - it is good to get a lay of the land. A lot that can be done with JavaScript.

One useful thing I see a lot of people use the Custom JavaScript for is Custom Footers, which can include social links and a “Back to Top” button (source).

Feel free to reach out further on the forum if you have any other questions or feedback. And whatever JS tweaks you do, we’d love to see them on the Share What You’re Working On topic (you can also get some interesting ideas there too, especially for JS).

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