Issue with Markdown editor and ProWritingAid extensions on Firefox and MS Edge

I’ve run into an issue with the Markdown editor and the ProWritingAid browser extensions for MS Edge and Firefox. PWA runs some JS after the page has loaded, and whatever it does, it causes the text area to shrink. I am unable to fix it by editing either the custom CSS or using custom JS. After page load, it adds several html elements, and it looks like the style attributes in #pwa-container and #pwa-sync somehow over-ride writeas’ styles. There is no amount of !important that I can find to fix this so far.

I don’t have this issue with PWA extension on any other markdown editors on other sites. Disabling PWA extension just for writeas fixed the issue. Not too ideal to have to turn off my grammar checker for blog posts, alas. I like seeing more than 3 lines of my writing at a time.

If anyone has a fix for this, I would love to hear it. I’m filing a bug report with PWA, too.

Hmm, yeah I’m not familiar with that extension unfortunately. But you might also try switching to the Plain Text editor to use the extension. It’s simple enough (just a text field) that you shouldn’t see any issues there.