Is multiple blogs in single-user mode supposed to work?

I am thinking of moving from to my own self-hosted writefreely. I have it running but I don’t seem to be able to get more than one blog in single-user mode like I can on

I’ve changed this config to 10 in my config.ini file, but it still does not work:

max_blogs = 10

Is that not supported in write freely?


Oh I see. I need to set single user mode to false. I assumed that would give me the ability to have multiple logins (which I don’t want) but in fact it gives me the multiple blogs in a single account (which is what I do want.).

So did you figure out a setup that does what you want?


I set single user to false. That gave me multiple blogs but it also activated all that landing page stuff. But I found the tpl files so I modified those to get rid of all the “sign up” and “fediverse” text and just made a landing page that greets people and links to some of my blogs.

This will make upgrading a little more tricky as I’ll have to preserve those changes but it’s workable.

Ideally there’s should be a single user mode with multiple blogs. The first blog becoming the landing page.

Another problem I’ve noticed is that write freely doesn’t send nocache headers for logged in users. That makes using a cdn hard. I’ve added the proper headers in my nginx config to fix this but the application should be sending those itself to prevent private data leakage for those who use a caching layer.

If anyone else wants to do what I did, there are some rough steps here: