Is it possible to text align in writefreely? (Right, Left, Center/Middle, Justified.)

Natively markdown doesn’t have text alignment. Tried to use html tags and css classes instead to do so. after researching all day on how to format my writings, it seems like it’s not that it is impossible to do it, but just not implemented in writefreely. though, am I wrong? if there is a way how can I do it?

(it seems like no one asked this question, or It’s just that I’m a dumbass)

Hi. I’m new here and fumbling around with getting things to look the way I want them. I used this is the custom CSS section and it worked to make h3 text centered:

h3 {text-align: center;}

Also tried this in the custom CSS section:

.center {
text-align: center;
color: red;

And this at the page level:

Red and center-aligned heading

Red and center-aligned paragraph.

(for red, centered text)

And it worked too…

Hope this helps:-)

I tried it again just to make sure (I tried something similar before), turns out all I had to do is:

text here

instead of

text here

which I was using this whole time

thanks for the answer btw, I found the solution.


<div class="center"><p>text here</p></div>

instead of

<p class="center">text here</p>