Is it possible to embed a Glitch app into a page?

For example, can I embed a Glitch app into a part of my About page?


You can! Since supports iframes, all you need to do is copy & paste the embed code in that Glitch provides on the project page. To learn how to do that I’d recommend looking over their how-to guide. It’s pretty straightforward.

If you want to see examples of it in action, I’d recommend @triptych’s post here. As a matter of fact, I think he was the first one to discover that you could embed Glitch apps on

Hope that helps! I am curious - what kind of app did you think about embedding on there?


That’s great news, thanks for the info.

Originally I was thinking of embeding a Glitch app that can show the top 3 most popular posts that I’ve written. I like using an app here so the content can be dynamic, instead of me manually updating the page every month or so. I don’t know if the api will allow me to figure that out though.

Another idea was a Glitch app that can show some Spotify data, like what I’m listening to right now, etc…

A top 3 posts app would be awesome! It’s certainly doable with the API. You need to grab all of your blog’s posts first. Each post gives you a view count, so you can grab those second.

Then, once you compare all of the views and find the top three, you can have the app return the titles of the top 3 along with a link to each. You can have the app do this each time it loads, ensuring that the content dynamically changes as the view counts change.

As far as a Spotify app goes, I’d recommend looking at the Spotfiy team’s Glitch page where they list out implementations of the API in various apps. That should be a good starting point.


Got it!

Thanks, I found their page and started looking into their apps.

No worries! And just before I forget, here are the API docs to help you out:

For your case, I’d recommend specifically looking at the Retrieve Collection Posts endpoint.


I have the app working. I shared it on the other thread where we talk about site customizations.

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