Is custom domain down?

I believe custom domain goes down several times per year and it’s down now too. Can you please shed some light on a fix? I’d also appreciate what steps are being taken to reduce the frequency of down events. Thank you!

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I have the same problem. Even the official documentation website at is down at the moment.

Sorry about this – custom domains are back now. In the future, you can always check if something is down (and the history of downtime events) here:

In this particular instance, the Caddy server software we use stopped running, meaning no requests could be served – and we didn’t have anything in place to ensure it would automatically restart. I believe this has been the case in the past as well. I’m working on getting this in place now and will let you know when that’s finished.


Thanks, Matt. I really appreciate the attention here, as I believe custom domain has gone down relatively frequently over the last couple of years. I’m a big fan of and the approach to minimalist content on the web, but my perception right now is that reliability may be a challenge. Though I’m open to being corrected!

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We had some growing pains in 2021 as we reached about 5 million views/day across the platform, and I think that’s the last time we regularly had these issues across the board. During that time, I scaled us out so we could handle the traffic, and made changes to prioritize serving blogs from our paying users over free users, which helped a lot.

Otherwise there have been these two major outages in the past two months – again I believe both caused by this particular issue. But I just finished patching that up, so sites on custom domains should be more reliable, and not see this issue anymore in the future. Thanks again for bringing this up!