iPhone app question

I noticed unless there is something I am missing that the iPhone app for write.as does not let you login with your account on write as, is there a trick to achieving this on the app or will this feature be added in the future?

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Yeah, I’m similarly perplexed. I don’t really get unrolling the app without this ability.

Hi @Hazy! So the app was initially released for anonymous posts only, but there is development going on for this feature to be part of a new multiplatform app for iPhone, Mac, and iPad. You can find more context for that here:

For more context on workarounds, this forum posts addresses this:

Hope that helps and would be glad to clarify things further if need be!

Holy moly, just the thought of a dev/dev team the likes of Tapbots (just for example) taking up development of a third-party Write.as client. Considering they’d dedicate any amount of time to making Netbot, it’s not entirely far-fetched.

RIP ADN (whatever you supposed to be)