Introducing our new Community Manager, CJ!

I’m happy to announce that @cjeller1592 has joined the team!


Congratulations, CJ! Grin.

With abandon,


Welcome CJ.

I apologise if making a suggestion now is tacky, but I’m short on time :slight_smile:

Is it possible to compile a book of user tips and tricks for people like me who don’t have time to dig through the discussion forum? Tips like how to easily add a search feature on your blog, or change fonts. That sort of stuff. A recipe book of sorts, for end users like me who would rather not write CSS from scratch.

I’d even pay a small price for something I could print out or read on my Kindle.

Thanks for listening, and again, welcome.


Thanks @jasoncomely!

So are you imagining this tips and tricks book being more along the lines of recipes for Custom CSS & JavaScript along with other customized solutions (like search) thrown in? Just trying to think of whether this could an extension of the how-to blog or something different entirely. Great suggestion though!

Also figured that this is a good place to say that your blog Poseur to Composer is one of my favorites in the ecosystem (and others should check it out too). Thanks for your blog and for reaching out!

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Gratz. Well deserved!

Thanks for the kind words cjeller :slight_smile:

I’d love to see two or more options to accomplish something on my blog, even for something as simple as inserting a YouTube video or center-aligning an image. To use this analogy: if is Microsoft Windows OS, is Linux or BeOS… With Linux and it feels like a lot of tweaking needs to be done before it feels like it’s mine, a reflection of me.

Still, I like because I get work done here. I can test things out. Medium feels more like Broadway or Hollywood - you better already have your act together when you publish there. Some embellishments here would be nice, but it should never get in the way of being able to write good content on a whim.

Note, if you make it an extension of the how-to blog, please include a link to it directly on the Editor screen, preferably by topic, so I can quickly get my answer whilst I’m writing.

Hope this makes sense. Back to music lessons!

P.S. Actually, one more thing: I’d love to be able to publish to one of my blogs from the Android app. The app is pretty much unusable right now. I will try to be patient though :slight_smile: