Introduce yourself & your blog 🙂

I recently joined Write.As, and I thought it would be nice to have a place where we could say ‘hi’ and introduce ourselves and our blogs.

Feel free to share your name and your link, and anything else you’d like to really.

ps. it’s only fair that I go first… feel free to use my template or your own :slight_smile:


hi, I’m Jas! :wave:

a lil intro
I’ve been blogging since 2015 around the same time I left my corporate job, and I’m fairly new to Write.As (I’m loving it so far). What drew me to the platform was its simplicity and it/founder Matt’s values (I wanted to a place where I could focus on writing and publishing, rather than the distracting bells-n-whistles).

I now call myself a writer, and I use my Write.As blog to document my journey as I pursue my dream as a full-time writer.

my link (or

my likes include
sports (lots!), personal growth (I studied a Masters in “the science of happiness”), train journeys, exploring new places (& discovering new coffee shops to work from), nourishing conversations, sunny days, snow days, beaches, mountains, music, solopreneurship/being an artist-slash-creator (#multipassionate)


Great domain name, indiewriter.

I write for a number of outlets, but my rantings here (about pipe tobacco, pipes, and technique) are here:

I’m not sure if I’m a writer, or an artist, or any of that. I’m just someone sharing interpretations through word-tokens.


thanks, and nice to meet you, nicotiana. :slight_smile:

Oh, I’m a rambler* too. And ‘word-tokens’… I like that.

*whoops, I misread the ‘rantings’ part. I’ve been known for that, too, and especially in the early part of my blogging years lol.

Hi jas and welcome

I’ve written off and on since I was a kid and discovered shortly after I started blogging again in 2018.

My blog can be found at My posts are mostly my attempts to make sense of the world around me, with some fiction and writing newsletters sprinkled in.


I’m an author, poet and Zen Buddhist monk in Glasgow, Scotland. I moved home after in early 2017, after 22 years in the US, because Trump had gotten elected. I have three blogs, quite different from one another.

My blog under my pen name:

My Zen blog:

And my blog about life and politics in Scotland:


hey Jake, nice to see you here. I enjoyed your latest post - I’m a micro-blogger too, btw.

Nice to meet you, Greum. Your experiences sound fascinating, and I’ve just been enjoying dipping into your blogs. I wasn’t aware that Amazon could sell author’s paperbacks, even without their permission? Interesting :eyes:

a lil intro
I’m Dave Polaschek. Been blogging on and off since 1995, when I started using frontier to write “Dave’s Picks,” a “best of the web” kind of thing that morphed into an extended personal website, and included a book on making mead (which I also published in paper). Along the way, I wrote my own CMS in a mix of PHP, C, and /bin/sh. Web 1.0, baby.

I also took a bunch of photos, and worked on a photo editing application you may have heard of. I’m now retired and spending as little time as possible with “real computers,” and I have reminders set on my iPhone to tell me to power up my Mac twice a year so the SSD doesn’t lose its mind due to no electricity refreshing its memory.

my link

Much older stuff at Dave’s Picks

my likes include
Woodworking, cooking, philosophy, wine, photography.


I’ll jump in… I built and sold a business in WordPress. Started that business from a blog. Today, from a pure writing standpoint, I liked what I saw with and wanted to give it a shot for my personal blog.


nice to meet you, Dave :slightly_smiling_face: It looks like you’ve been blogging for a while :eyes:

That’s cool, Justin. There’s something really refreshing about, isn’t there? I’ve run various blogs since 2015 and have slowly started to monetize.

I’m hoping I can use it to write for enjoyment and as my business… it takes some intentionality, but I feel it’s possible :crossed_fingers:

Hello, I’ve started a gazillion blogs that don’t last, due to my own lack of attention. I post on a lot of dev sites also.

I am at it again and a bit ambitious, I think. I’m not going to bother to post links since I haven’t posted yet, it’s all in the works. If you just have to know, feel free to ask…lol

So, I am starting 3 blogs at once.

  • A personal blog, with more personal thoughts, ideas about spirituality, family, etc…
  • A blog for my tech stuff - thoughts on coding, tutorials, Windows, and Linux stuff.
  • And finally, I am starting a separate memoir of the 10 years I spent in the Army.

We’ll see how it goes, I just created them all and got domains setup. I hope to add at least one post to anyone of the three a week. We’ll see how that goes.



Hi @ziniosedge and @teeducateblog, this topic is meant for writers that are part of the community – not commercial services. So I’ve taken down your posts.

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Great to see you back on the platform, @Tim! I hope getting started again goes well. Maybe we could start a writing accountability group at some point :thinking:


Nice to see another multi-passionate here, Tim, I like the idea of 3 blogs and writing on whichever you (hopefully) feel like that week :slight_smile:


Thanks, that may be a good idea…I stray easily.

We will definitely see how it goes. Still getting it all situated and figuring out how to deal with things that could be on both. Do I cross post? Or put it in one and link to it… things like that have me wondering.

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My general rule is to just have fun, take it as it comes, and gently figure it out as you go (rather than upfront).

hello Jas! hello everyone! here is Jiang.
it is very nice to meet you all on the fediverse!

first, put a simple intruduce here.
amateur author/cosplayer/feminist and so on.

what I write
fanfics, scifics; food, movies or ACGs repo,
mainly using Chinese mandarin.

my link
at write freely
or at WordPress
p.s. : you may find the oldest one was dated in 2006. but that only shows when the article has been wrote, not when the blog (website) started.

some others
as for micro-blog, i use Mastodon and Misskey.