Intro Divider (More...) typed vs. pasted

When I type the <!—more—> code for intro divider on the main page, the two dashes auto-formate to the longer dash and thus do not pass muster. I have to copy and paste from Ulysses. Ideas? Am I missing something? Thanks!

Hmm, sounds like maybe Ulysses is transforming them into a single dash? Our web editor shouldn’t be doing that…

Thanks, @danielbowen, but nope, you’re understanding it exactly backwards. The editor (including here in the forum, and in auto converts two dashes in a row to “—“ instead of “–”. The first double dash I typed into the reply window for this forum, open in “Safari” on my iPad, the second two dashes I pasted from Ulysses).

Ah, I think I understand now. So when you’re actually typing in the editor they automatically turn into that longer dash? If so, that sounds like a Safari feature that we probably don’t have much control over. I know some Mac apps do that – the feature is called “smart quotes” or “smart dashes”. Maybe there’s a way to turn that off in your Safari or keyboard settings? (I don’t have an iPad to test on, unfortunately.)

“–” Ha! Brilliant! Smart punctuation toggled off on the iPad, and now I have dumb punctuation, which is smarter. Grin. Thanks, @danielbowen!

With abandon,

Haha. Excellent! Glad it worked :relaxed:

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