Installing Writefreely on DigitalOcean Managed database with sql_require_primary_key

Greetings! I was trying to install Writefreely on a VPS that is hosted on DigitalOcean and by using their Managed DB solution. The thing is they have turned on a global key “sql_require_primary_key” for all their managed databases and it leads to errors and unsusccessful installation of Writefreely.

One way of dealing with this issue is by disabling this key for a specific session (SET SESSION sql_require_primary_key = 0;) and my questions is: is it somehow possible to include this command in the installation procedure of Writefreely? Or, maybe, I can create all needed tables in database from commandline (where I am able to use session command to disable specific key) before running the installation in the hopes that it will just happily use my prepared database?

In any case thanks for the great work and hope to hear potential ideas from the community.