Infinite scroll, previous & next CTAs

I really love, and plan on switching to a yearly subscription real soon. Just want to bounce off a few ideas I had while browsing the internet.

  1. Infinite scroll- Just from a discoverability front, and to ensure folks don’t have to click ‘older’ to read blog posts from the past. Not a deal breaker, but if most folks are writing byte-sized insights (like myself), this would give readers a good experience.

  2. Previous, Next and Random- I saw this idea on Seth Godin’s blog. When you click on a particular blog, you’re given an option to navigate to next, previous or random blogs. That way, we’re giving readers an option to hangout with us for a longer time!

  3. Option to add social share and search- Can this be achieved with the signature pack? I want to have both subscribe and options for readers to share it on social. Would be good for folks to search though the entire blog

Suggestions, brickbats and perspectives welcome :).

@matt just curious to know if this can be achieved. I was looking at a few Seth Godin’s blogs, and I was wondering if there is possibility of having one of these two (in order of priority)

  • Have next, previous, and random- Since I write every weekday, I want the reader to discover more content I might have written. Higher page views, and higher chance of someone subscribing.

  • Infinite scroll- To ensure people are able just to scroll and read. Currently I’m limited by folks reading the 5-6 articles that’s there on the 1st page.

What do you think?