Independent email

Hi! I was looking to enable email subscriptions on my WriteFreely instance, but it looks like only Mailgun is supported for sending emails. I would love to be able to use my own SMTP server to send emails, which I use for other services I host.
Is this feature planned?

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I did not see any documentation about this. Could you please link where you found this information?

I could not find any documentation about this. The [email] options are not in the Configuring Writefreely docs.

However, the option is there, and I found this merged pull request which adds the feature: Support email subscriptions by thebaer · Pull Request #478 · writefreely/writefreely · GitHub

There is also this issue on Phabricator, but I believe this is only for development, and I wanted to request the feature for WriteFreely: ⚓ T905 Support SMTP email config

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For what it is worth, my understanding is that sending bulk email via SMTP is infeasible. The Ghost team make this argument for why they only support Mailgun, for example.

I am flattered by your assumption that my blog’s email subscription notifications would be considered bulk! :slight_smile:
My email provider allows sending 3000 per day (or 300 at once) using SMTP, which should largely cover my email audience.

I do not wish to add another third-party dependency (Mailgun) that I have to keep tabs on and, in this case, pay for. So it’s either no email subscriptions for me, or sending through my SMTP provider.

Yep, as mentioned in the Phabricator issue you linked, full SMTP support is planned for WriteFreely! Email subscriptions just haven’t been completely finished there, which is why that info isn’t in the docs yet. But it will all be in the next official release (v0.15) once SMTP support is finished.


Well, that’s it.