Incorrect vertical spacing when post is on the blog's home page

One of my latest posts has incorrect vertical spacing when the post appears on the blog’s home page. There’s no space between the last line of a bullet list entry and the level 2 heading ## after it:

However, when visiting the post’s page the vertical spacing is correct. The Markwodn source has two blank lines between the last bullet and the heading.

I’m visiting the blog with chromeOS 106, i.e. Chrome 106.

I forgot to mention the incorrect vertical spacing is present also on mobile, for example with Chrome on Android.

Thanks for the report, @PaoloAmoroso. There are definitely some minor quirks like this when certain elements are paired together (in this case, a list and then a header). I need a little more time to dig into all of the issues, but I’ll make sure this is addressed as I look to overhaul the default style for all blogs.

In the meantime, you can add this Custom CSS to your blog to fix the issue now:

body#collection #wrapper ul + h2, body#subpage #wrapper ul + h2 {
    /* Vertical spacing fix: */
    margin-top: 1em;

Thanks, the CSS snippet works well.

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