Improvements and consistent use of dark mode?

Dark mode is an great feature that helps folks like me with eyes sensitive to white backgrounds spend longer on the site.

I am seeing two different consistency issues with the mode rn, e.g. here, some text is difficult or impossible to read after turning it on (Chrome)

But also, it isn’t available for readers of blogs or in the dashboard, so it often switches back to bright white once posting, or going back to edit the blog settings.

I rely on a generic reader but that also often has different compatibility issues.

Any improvements or tips on where I might be going wrong are appreciated.

Custom CSS is used to get dark mode per blog, under Customisations.

Themes — is a good place to start with CSS theming for

For the rest of the site… I presume you’d need to edit write.css if self hosting - if using then you’re stuck with the white pages.

Thanks @nigel.

The thing is, it’s also in-built on some pages:

Ideally that would be consistent across other ones?

yeah it is only that page, the text entry page, that gives you that option.

I am not sure where Matt is at with the project/roadmap these days, but I used to have a paid account, then moved away to hugo, and more moved back to writefreely. Me using a foss version and not paying Matt certainly makes me want to be less demanding of his time, but I can deal with the white back-end pages, when my actual blog itself allows css themes.