Img size / of import for artists

I routinely generate 15-20, or sometimes 30-50 meg images.

I don’t reduce them because they see for printing or high resolution viewing, and it’s too much work and iOS is not good at batch automation (and may never be), to make a reduced copy yet-

So there is a big issue with creating my portfolio of photography and graphic design work using, which is what I’m trying to do with it.

Is there perhaps some way to investigate or consider some either leeway here with max file size or as a new feature added/month?

I’m making a serious portfolio and as I live in the SoCal area the idea is to use it to get myself back into the arena of professional photography. One link and the images can get seen big by the important folks who hire for projects or studios using the huge monitors who dont have time to view multiple things, or want to…

Ideas? Feedback?

@cjeller1592 :slight_smile:
Thank you kindly :slight_smile:
Omar / Ramo

When I upload images to other websites, I can select a reduced-resolution version. But that doesn’t seem to work with, perhaps due to the multiple-file upload. I can add screen-shots of how this works for me on and also on another website where I do get the “pick a size” UI, but as I’m iOS-only, I don’t have a good way to look at the source to see what’s being done differently there.

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The script is generally called uploadify, I’ve installed and tried various confabulating with it… it is a bit hairy, actually. And it has some max file-size options but none that delimit how big a file should be (small medium large etc), I. The actual .js itself natively In that script. Looking to @matt on this one if he or @cjeller1592 have any ideas -

We can’t be the only people that have a valid use case / pain point around this. :-).

My point is that there is a way on iOS (14.x, at least… think it’s been there since some time in he 13.x cycle) for the user to select the resolution when uploading the file. For whatever reason, makes this not work.

If I were feeling less charitable, I would call it a bug, but I’m in a pretty good mood today. :wink:

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That code is internal to iOS- yeah- it runs from the file picker, (and hooks with mail and photos,) but yes as you mentioned. Dunno if it can be hooked into apps or not. :).