Image uploading

Would be nice to have an option to upload+markdown insert and image into your post
Ideally with uploading from the clipboard on ctrl-v

All for it!

Really need to upload / insert images! Planned to add this feature?

Is there really no way to upload an image? :sweat_smile:
Hope this gets implemented, is awesome.

Yup, you can add images to posts.

That’s not the question though. :blush:

The post is about “uploading” images, not just linking images using a markdown to an externally hosted image.

Hey @pmz, this feature request is specifically for WriteFreely, the open source / self-hostable software behind WF doesn’t support image uploads yet – but does, with our platform.

You can either upload to and copy/paste the Markdown into the editor, or you can use our Rich Text editor to upload images without leaving the editor. Does that help?


That definitely helps!

I had figured out the trick, but it’s good to know there’s a way to do it from the Rich Text Editor as well.

Thanks @matt

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