Image of link preview on LinkedIn


I have an issue with the default image of my link preview on LinkedIn. I tried to look at the different solutions on the forum but couldn’t find any that worked for me. I use Unsplash images for my post and I keep on having the logo as preview image on LinkedIn.
Here’s the post :

I’ve tried using a .jpg extension at the end of the link such as : but it still didn’t work.
Also, I tried the Post inspector by LinkedIn to try to figure out if I could understand something, and it just tells me that there are no alternate images in my post other that the logo.

I’d be very grateful if anyone can help me on that. Thanks,

After some tests, I realised that it worked on post published on blogs but didn’t work on anonymous posts. Are there any reasons why this wouldn’t work on anonymous posts ?

Thanks for catching this @airm! There’s no reason why it wouldn’t work. Testing it on Twitter works (with the .jpg extension) but for some reason it has trouble on LinkedIn.

It’s definitely a bug. We’ll look into fixing this. Thanks again for bringing it to our attention!