Image not showing

I’m trying to insert an image in one of my posts. I don’t have the premium. Although according to the guide, I should be able to upload an image with this format:

Visual color code representation

Although, as you can see the image is not displayed. Also if I wanted to put only the image, without the text next to it, how would I go about it?


Hi @GDB,

The image won’t display because the image needs to be hosted — the image file extension (.png, .jpg, etc.) needs to be at the end of the link for the image to show up. Instead of this link:

You need this link:

If you try uploading the image again, it should work:

Hope that helps!

PS: This image reminds me when I had to install intranet/internet at an office for an IT job. Was fun getting hands on with CAT6 cables & such!

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Hey @cjeller1592,

Thanks for your response!

It’s nice to hear you also had hands on experience with network cables. I’m currently trying to put my step in the door. Hopefully I will be successful.