Ignore some url paths (fall back to host webserver)

How do I instruct Writefreely to not handle certain url patterns, and allow those to fall back to the host web server?

For example WF should ignore example.org/static/ and allow the .html and other files in the dir tree to be served as is. And especially not intercept calls to example.org/.well-known/acme-challenge/my-ssl-cert, and so on.

nginx (or whatever you might be using instead) should be used to direct those.

As an example, I serve images from /uploads/blogfolder whch is referenced from the base dir it sits in. So I have the following in my nginx conf:

location /uploads {
        root /var/www/writefreely;
        try_files $uri $uri/ =404;

Note: I use the full url of ![image description](https://example.com/uploads/blogfolder/image.jpg) as I noticed my snac instance (which federates posts to) tries to load the relative url locally, which obviously fails.
(not relevant to your question but just in case someone sees my reply as useful)

Thanks for the example Nigel. I’m not familiar with nginx, in your sample is the /uploads directory sent to or exluded from writefreely?

I’m on a FreeBSD shared host using Apache. I’ve control over .htaccess in my web dir tree (currently empty). There’s a daemon proxy to /usr/local/bin/writefreely as follows:

protocol = HTTP 
base uri = / 
document root = / 
target port = 8080

not familiar with apache, but you can probably find examples for .well-known on the web that you can modify to add in with similar results I would think, which should take precedence over the proxy. Hopefully.

In my example, writefreely is oblivious to /uploads, as nginx directs all requests straight to the server directory instead.