I would really like people to be able to comment on my posts

But none of the settings I try seem to… do that. What settings do I need to enable to allow people to comment, or at least contact me?

Are you a Pro member?

What settings have you tried?

I am a pro member.

I’ve tried… all of them.

In no case has an option for anyone to reply been available

Have you explored remark.as?

If you want only for readers to have the ability to contact you, can you put your email address in your post signature?

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I’ll look at it again. Both times I’ve selected “remark.as” I’ve found that another selection as been marked when when I’ve gone back in.

Ok, yeah. When I try to sign up for remark.as, it just offers to notify me when remark.as is available. no other option seems to work to let people comment.

…hmmm, it’s supposed to be available for paid members. Why isn’t it available to me?

Hey @worthasmuchasacat, we’ve been very slowly working toward a commenting system here.

Right now, the closest thing to that is Remark.as, which is open to paid users now. I just updated the home page to make this more apparent, but you can click Log in in the top-right corner of the page to access it.

Note that only other Write.as users can comment for now – again, this is a very new tool. If you want others to be able to respond to your posts, you can add an email address for your email subscribers to respond to, as mentioned in this post. Otherwise I’d echo @jakelacaze and suggest sharing an email address on your blog.

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