I would like to have my WriteFreely site hosted in a subdirectory of my domain

This might be either a question that has already been asked (but I couldn’t find it with the search), or a question that has less to do with WriteFreely and more with the correct configuration of nginx. But since I’m out of ideas, I decided I might hazard a chance and ask the question here.

I am currently hosting my WriteFreely site on my VPS server, currently available via https://pannelog.nl although it is still more or less empty. But I would like it to be located in a subdirectory, e.g. https://pannelog.nl/blog. All the nginx configuration examples I could find assume that the site is hosted at the top level of the domain. (Likewise with the Apache example that I saw.) When I change the nginx configuration file, and I change all the locations to include the blog/ part, then the site doesn’t work anymore. (Firefox gives an “The page isn’t redirecting properly” error page, while Chrome shows a 404 Page Not Found generated by nginx.)

There must be a way to change the config or something else that allows me to host the site in a subdirectory. Does anybody know it?