I created a dark theme for Write.as

I took some time yesterday to customize my blog and create this beautiful theme for the blogging platform I use.

I created this theme to make sure that my blog was in line with the design of my personal website.

In this post you will find some notes and instructions on how to install the theme. If you want to download it immediately, please head over to :point_right: GitHub.


Looks great with beautiful typography.

Thank you for sharing this, @iamfran, it’s really great to see! Loved the write-up, too.

Just to add for anyone who wants to play around with this theme, the CSS.horse tool I recently made could come in handy for this, especially since you used CSS variables: CSShorse: blog.iamfran.com

And just FYI, Open Sans is one of our default fonts, and is included on every blog (weight 400 and 700), so you could potentially drop those dependencies in your CSS if you wanted to :slight_smile: