I can’t post anything because my account is regarded as spammer

I really need a help. I often post my fanfics on your website but recently my account is regarded as spammer. I thoroughly went through your guidelines and my work but didn’t find any bad things in my posts (well, as long as you don’t count NSFW as toxic content).

I didn’t include the exact tag #nsfw in my post, but I did put tags in similar meanings in Chinese in my work (as I only post in Chinese, and almost all of my readers use Chinese). I was assuming this could be one reason that Write.as considered I was a spammer.

But other than this, there’s no spam, privacy violation, malicious speech or other toxic content prohibited by Write.as in my work.

I rely on Write.as to post my work. Could you guys please fix my account?

Thanks a lot!

Hi, sorry about that that! This usually happens because of our automated system, which checks for things like links and certain keywords. So it’s likely you didn’t violate our guidelines.

I’ve sent you a private message that should help fix this!

It worked! Thanks a lot!!

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