I can’t post anything and other can’t see my works because my account got silenced

Hi team, I really need help because my account got silenced so I can’t post anything and people can’t see my works. Can you please tell me how to fix this?

I also have just sent an email to you.

Thank you, looking forward for your response.

i think @matt can help u! just wait

Thank you so much in advance!

I have seen a few reports of this over the past week. What is the cause for this trigger @matt, and how can it be avoided?

@poetlady just sent you a private message that should help with this! Please let me know if you still run into any trouble.


So this is caused by the automated spam protection we have in place for Free users. (Paying users will never see this kind of automated action happen on their account.)

Since we see so many bots and spammers attempt to leverage our site’s high search engine reputation to improve their own site’s ranking, we have systems in place to look for this kind of activity and block it. This protects the reputation of our site for everyone who uses it – specifically our legitimate users and customers – so the name “Write.as” doesn’t become synonymous with “spam”.

As for why this happens, I’d like to keep the specifics fuzzy, but e.g. things like a large number of links in a Free user’s posts can trigger our publishing filter. If someone repeatedly triggers the filter (as bots commonly do), the action is automatically escalated to either an IP address ban, account silencing, or both. As it turns out, real people also like to try again when things don’t work, just like bots, so that’s probably what happened here :slight_smile:

There are some other big development items on our plate right now, but when we have the chance, I think we’ll update the messaging to make sure legitimate users don’t get themselves blocked. Then eventually we’ll add a self-serve option that lets people prove they’re not a bot without contacting us (similar to how Twitter does it).


Thank you so much for the explanation and your kind help! I really appreciate it! My account is back to normal again now, thank you Matt :slight_smile:

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