Hyphenate/justify posts

Hi WriteFreely community! How I can hyphenate (justify) my WriteFreely posts? Browsers now support hyphenation natively. Is there a CSS repice? Thanks!

Hi @vvug! You can justify your WriteFreely posts through a CSS recipe. All you need to do is go into the Custom CSS of your WriteFreely blog and add the following:

#post-body {
    text-align: justify;

This will hyphenate (justify) your posts. Hope that helps and let us know if it works.

Thanks! It almost works. It works in Chrome when viewing a single post, but it doesn’t work in the blog’s homepage, and it doesn’t work in Firefox at all.

No worries! This will do the trick for the homepage and post view:

.book.e-content,.book.p-summary, #post-body {

Firefox is what’s getting me though. It doesn’t work at all like you said. This might have to do with white-space or something similar. Maybe someone knows about this problem who could help?