Hyperlink for a blog title?


I’d like a pinned post to link straight to a separate link I have.

In short, I’d like to have a pinned ‘Journal’ page that links to my micro.blog.

Is there a way that I can create a post that has a title only, which I use as a hyperlink?

Or can I only hyperlink to text in the post?

Update: here’s what my post currently looks like: journal — the diary of an indie writer, by Jas

Ideally, I’d like the ‘journal’ button (i.e. the header text itself) to link directly to https://jasraj.micro.blog

Yes, first you need to create a placeholder post. All it needs is just a title. Then after you publish the placeholder post, you can then pin it. Then you can use JavaScript to change the url for the pinned post. Check out the thread below for the script to do it.

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thanks again, Dino. Will give it a shot when I’ve set up my custom domain.

Also, I came across your handy blog archive generator - looks cool!

Thanks. Unfortunately, the archive generator won’t work for blogs with more than 10 posts. Still working on updating it.

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No worries. It’s a great tool, it looks just like the archive that’s auto-generated on my microblog, which I like.

That is where I took my inspiration from, the built-in micro.blog Archive page.

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So I’m finally getting around to create this pinned-post hyperlink… but when I create the post, and then click ‘i’ to change the publish time to one in the past (so it doesn’t get sent to my email subscribers), the following error message pops up:

(cc @matt)