How to use WriteFeely with hosting and domain?


Hi guys, can someone explain to me how to install WriteFreely on paid hosting with my domain please!


Hey, do you mean the hosting we offer? Or your own host? If your own host, we have a guide here.


I mean my own host (not on my local computer). The hosting that I use is linux based with apache server and SSH access. How to install Write Freely on it?
I already test it on my PC, but want to use it with my hosting provider for production. I’ll create the database, but not so sure how to create configuration there.


You can SSH into your server and run something like this:


tar -C /var/www/ -xzf writefreely_$VERSION_linux_amd64.tar.gz

And then follow the instructions in the guide I linked to above, including the instructions about configuring the application.


I try this with SSH but when I type first command I get this error:

/usr/bin/wget: Permission denied

I copy the files manually via FTP, copy keys from my PC, create database, associate user, create manually cofig file with my settings, I also create /etc/init/writefreely.conf
but if I try to start the service with SSH with sudo start writefreely I get this error:

sudo: /usr/bin/sudo must be owned by uid 0 and have the setuid bit set

I guess the problem is that my hosting don’t get me root access via SSH. Is there something I can do to configure and install WriteFreely?


Guys, do you plan in future an easy installation process from the browser,or this configuration and server setting are necessary?


These steps will be necessary even if there is a browser-based configuration process, as the application still needs to be installed and run on your server to be accessible in the browser.

We offer paid one-time setup help if you’d like us to do that. Otherwise for that sudo error I’ll have to defer to the community, as I’m not sure what it means off the top of my head.


Is it even possible the aplication to be installed and run on shared hosting or I need VPS?


You’ll need a VPS. There might be shared hosting out there I don’t know about that would support running it, but a VPS is probably the best option.


I succesfully configure and install it on shared hosting now, it starts but when I open the url it says

You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

Do I need to do something else? Do I need reverse proxy to fix this?
On SSH terminal everyting is running fine.


I try to run v0.4.0 on the same hosting with the new standalone option, but get this error:

ERROR: 2018/11/27 15:29:57 log.go:26: Unable to start: listen tcp :80: bind: permission denied

How to fix this?


You don’t seem to have enough permissions. pls get a vps or buy one from