How to set the time zone for

I’ve noticed the time zone for my posts seems to be in Europe? I can’t find where to change it to US Mountain time.


Here is to me on Twitter back in December, FWIW.

Right now dates aren’t shown in your local timezone, which is probably why that’s happening. Should have that fixed in the future!

I have a weird question (not about the implementation timeframe, because that’s not a critical thing for me) about eventual implementation of timezone stuff. Would posts continue to exist in the database with UTC timestamps, and then just have dates displayed based on blogger’s (or would it be visitor’s?) timezones?

I am asking mainly because I was thinking about getting started on just manually importing a year’s worth of WordPress stuff, and I was wondering whether in such a case I should be figuring out the UTC time for each post and putting that in, and then it would all come out in the wash once timezone stuff happens?

(It might be something of an OCD thing but I get way wigged out if I start thinking about the timestamps on my posts not actually being accurate to when things were posted, so I don’t want to start in on manually adding things if eventual timezone display stuff won’t be compatible with how I add things now.)


Any idea if this is fixed or how soon to be implemented? It’s October now … 8 months after the original post.

Sorry about the delay, there is a pull request open now, #191. We plan to get this in our next release.

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Yep, this is in the latest version of WriteFreely and is live on! All dates should show according to your local time zone now.

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