How to "schedule" posts for now?

Hello community,

So I’m aware post scheduling isn’t something that’s possible at the moment.

If I were to draft a post and file under ‘anonymous’ and then, at the time I wanted to send it out, publish it to my blog, am I right in saying that:

a) The post would be published on my blog, and
b) It would be sent out to my email subscribers

I’m just trying to figure out the smoothest possible workaround to not being able to schedule. Thanks :slight_smile:

There is a workaround for scheduling posts:

  1. Publish post to anonymous
  2. Edit the date to publish at a future date in the post metadata by clicking the i icon. (See screenshot below.)

  1. On your Posts page, move the post to your preferred blog. (Screenshot below)

Now, when you view your blog at[yourblogname] (when logged in), you should see a Scheduled tag. (One last screenshot below)

The post should publish and email out to your subscribers a few minutes later.


Ah, this is really handy! Thank you for sharing, @jakelacaze, much appreciated.

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