How to get the Post ID inside the articles post

Dear Fellows,

in the list view for my blog I can get the post-ID from the <article> tag, then retrieve data about the post with the API, I use javascripts fetch() to get data about my posts.

In the posts direct/detailed view there is no possibility to get the posts ID. My blog is password-protected, I thought I could get posts ID with a search trough the collection retrieve answer, no, there is no way to get the post ID inside the view.

Can you please SOON, not in ten or thousends days add a meta tag to the posts direct view <head> that beholds the posts ID so that I can use the API with my javascript. I need this BADLY, It isnt much to do.

Also a failure: The <meta> tag for og:updated_time for the posts direct view is the same content as <meta> tag article:published_time - this is a direct failure, can you please fix this?

I am a paying user with PRO account ’ teothewhite’, thanks

Thanks a lot!,


Are you scraping the web page or using the API? Depending on what you’re trying to do, you should be able to access the post IDs with the actual API.

Dear Matt,

did you read my post? On the articles page, not in the list page of the blog, in all the articles page itself there is NO way to get the articles/posts ID. There is no <meta> - Tag, there is nowhere in the HTML the ID of the article/post mentioned.
So, to fix this: Please add in the <head> of the articles/posts pages a <meta> - Tag with the ID of the post. So I can read with javascript the ID and do my business I want. For example:

<meta property="article:post_id" content="somecrazyshit" />

Another way is not sensefull.

Thanks a lot,


I don’t really understand what you’re trying to do, so I don’t know why I would add this to the metadata of the page. If you’re automating anything on the platform, you should be using the API. In particular, see retrieving a collection post to get the ID for a particular blog post.

Dear Matt,

as I said, hurry up for holyday. Getting the power back to fix the easy things :slight_smile:

Matt: Inside the articles page using javascript is nowhere a possibility to fetch trough the API the post itself, because the neccesary ID (something like sdfjkSDF$DFGJK) is not included inside the articles html, so you CANT USE the api inside articles.

the only way would be to fetch all posts and search through the array with the posts inside for the title of the post and when you get this then you could determine the id. but this is SILLY.

Please consider to fix the problem the way I suggested: add this <meta>-Tag, then juggling inside custom javascipt with the API is easy.



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This costs 1 month PRO-Account :slight_smile:

That’s incorrect. Again, please see the docs on retrieving a collection post.

You’ll look the post up by its slug, the final part of the URL. For example, for the post here:, the slug is 5-years. So I can look that post up with this request:


I understand your point about needing to access posts on a private or password-protected blog. We need to support lower-permission API keys so you can use them in the browser. But that won’t be coming for a while – maybe after my vacation :wink:

Dear Matt,

OK, I see, this is really a solution, but not so comftible like my suggestion, simply add another <meta>-Tag to the articles page. That would make me happy, because it is so simple :slight_smile:

Here, again i little foretaste for the holydays next time, enjoy it,

Cheers, Dietrich