How to export markdown files in a selfhosted single-user instance

Hello, guys:

I have a single-user writefreely instance, and I want to export my posts as markdown files. I know that there should be an “Export” option in “me” page, but in my instance, I can’t find it anywhere. I also tried the api mentioned here, but it doesn’t work.

I also have access to the server hosting the software. But I don’t know how to extract the files from the database. (Is the file stored in the database?)

So, can anyone help me on how to retrieve markdown files? Either by using built-in apis or manually manipulating the database.

I’m using v0.13.1, and use sqlite3 as database backend, thank you.

Hi @larry – you’re right, it’s definitely tricky to get to the Export page on single-user instances. The best way to do that will be:

  • From the editor or your blog, go to your Customize or Stats page
  • Hover over your blog name in the top-left to open the dropdown menu
  • Click “Export”
  • Then choose the “txt” export option

That will download all your posts as plain text / Markdown files inside of a ZIP archive.